The Christmas show of the Capital Circus of Budapest will feature the magnificent productions of Yakut artists. The Snow Dream – Ancient Circus Dream show will premiere on the 12th of October. But who are the Yakuts, where they live and what cultural heritage they have? Come along with us in an exciting adventure in which we get to know the faraway northern land of Yakutia! In the first part of our article series we give you a glimpse of this vast wilderness and its inhabitants.

The summer has ended, and so has ended our FlyingCircus show! We have held our last show today at 15:00 in the circus floor of the Capital Circus of Budapest. The show directed by the world famous Kristian Kristof brought back the carefree circus world of our childhood to the manege, in which the audience could see the mixture of wonder, miracle and fantasy coming to life. On the last weeks all tickets were sold for many shows as a lot of people were interested in the show evoking childhood memories and the atmospheres of the old circus shows.

The Capital Circus of Budapest. A place where wonders and extraordinary accomplishments are born. A place where the boundaries are pushed and the impossible is born. A place where tenacity, professional humility, trust and the hard teamwork bear their fruits. This has happened with the artists of the Mongol Circus Production who performed their production in our FlyingCircus that is on show until the 8th of September – not for the first and certainly not for the last time.

The circus floor of the Capital Circus of Budapest was full of exuberant children today at 11:00! The auditorium was full of first grade students in our morning FlyingCircus show, who only got acquainted with the world of circus this week. We have held our School starters in Wonderland programme for the second time.

Today is the day of Hungarian photography, and for this occasion we talked with Adam Urban, Balogh Rudolf Award-winner photographer who captured the events of the Capital Circus of Budapest. He can show-up many professional awards, individual and group exhibitions, publications, photo albums while he chose photographing the events, shows and behind the scenes life of the Capital Circus and the virtuous documentation.

Six days circus continuously! On next week due to the long weekend our show times will change, so from next Thursday until the following Tuesday our FlyingCircus show will be on show each day! After that on the 23rd of August, Friday will be the next show time after the long weekend!

A dream comes true

Monday, 05 August 2019

Success. I am still savouring the feeling, but we were successful: after four years hard work the National Circus Arts Centre is being built on the most valuable site of Hungary, next to the Nyugati Railway Terminal! When I learnt this news, I screamed with happiness for the great confusion of my better half.

After today afternoon show Péter Fekete, ministerial commissioner for the reformation of circus art announced a glad tiding in the circus floor of the Capital Circus of Budapest.

Oleg Spigin has been working in the world of circus since the age of seven. He first performed Washington Trapeze act in 1993 – for his “Legend” act he won the Golden Award of the 7th International Circus Festival “Golden Trick of Kobzov” and the Golden Award of the 2nd Israeli International Circus Festival; now he performs in our FlyingCircus show. We talked with him about why did he choose Washington Trapeze act, about his achievements and how did he get into contact with our FlyingCircus show?

The Trio Dandy performed their Russian bar act for the first time on the Moscow International Youth Festival in 2018, and they immediately won the Golden Elephant Award and the special prize of the European Circus Association. They perform the same act in our FlyingCircus show. Now we talked with member Johnny Gasser about the creation of the act, their first performance of this act and how did they choose the style for this production.

Jana Posna and her dogs not only starred in Tim Burton’s Dumbo, but they also perform in our FlyingCircus summer show. In our interview we talked with her about her relationship with her dogs, previous performances and how she became a dog trainer?

Ukrainian artist Lena Dolinskaya performs an enchanting aerial chandelier act in our FlyingCircus show. Now we talked with her about her studies, her plans and how did she get into contact with the FlyingCircus show?

On the Night of Circus we will hold an extended show on the 13th of July, Saturday at 19:00 in the Capital Circus of Budapest! Anyone can see this long night show who bought her ticket for one of our shows held that day.

This is the first time, that the world-famous clown, Fumagalli performs in Hungary. He appears with his brother, Daris in our FlyingCircus show. Together they won the Golden Clown Award in the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo of 2015, after he won the Silver Clown Award in 2001. Now we talked with him about their characters, the secret of a good comical act and how circus changed during the years.

Today is Father’s Day, and for that occasion, we asked the director of our FlyingCircus show, Kristian Kristof about the most special father-son relationship of the Capital Circus of Budapest. 

The Dream of the Marionette and the Mystery of Gentleman – two productions performed by the Mongolian Circus Production in our summer show FlyingCircus. The first is a rope skipping act, the second is a hand voltige on balls production. With their ball production, they won the Golden Elephant Award of the Elefant d'Or International Circus Festival of Girona 2019 and the Silver Award of the 8th International Circus Festival of Bayeux! Now we talked with one of their members, Selenge Ulzii.

In the summer show of FlyingCircus Trio Sárközi – Péter Sárközi, Tamás Sárközi and Patrick Perecsenyi – represents the Hungarian circus art of great traditions as performers. We talked with them about their exciting productions, their love of circus art, their experience regarding the Capital Circus of Budapest, the current classic circus show and their future plans.

Daniel Golla has discovered his passion for flying Model Airplanes at the age of eight.

Now he performs with his unique Showpilot Act all around the world. He started to work in Circus Flic Flac, appeared in more than 2.000 shows at the most important circus venues, and was featured in many international TV shows. Since the 20th of April, he performs in our FlyingCircus summer show – now we talked with him about how he started to make his hobby for a real job, what is the secret of a good Airplane and how does he create such a unique show act that enchants millions!

Behind the scenes of the circus, professionals work day by day in the background to make the wonder, the catharsis happen, which is the essence of this art. They devote their life to the miracle of the circus and performing art. Their dedication, humility, love of circus and professional skills are all exemplary, they push the boundaries and as the technical background of an artist production is created, the impossible happens.

Our FlyingCircus show which premiered on the 20th of April was directed by the world-famous Kristian Kristof who was asked by Tim Burton to be the circus professional advisor and choreographer of Dumbo and also to direct the circus scenes of the movie. However, besides that Krisztián Kristóf is in the movie as well, since Burton was so satisfied with his work that he offered to appear in one of the scenes of Dumbo.

FlyingCircus directed by the internationally famous, multiple festival award winner, Hortobágyi Károly Award and Guinness Record-holder Hungarian artist, Krisztián Kristóf debuted with thunderous applause and all tickets sold! The show evoked the magical and grandiose world of the circuses that existed one hundred years ago and astonished adult and child alike!

We held the premiere of our summer show, FlyingCircus today at 19:00. The show is directed by the world-famous gentleman juggler, Krisztián Kristóf. Our show FlyingCircus will evoke the magical world of the circus that existed one hundred years ago with its atmosphere. Krisztián Kristóf was the circus professional adviser and choreographer of Tim Burton’s Dumbo, as well the director of the circus scenes, and he wishes to bring that experience and the grandiose golden age of the circuses visualized in the film to the circus of floor of the Capital Circus of Budapest.

What does a clown think before he enters the circus floor? Who is behind the painted face and the red nose? How does he prepare for the performance? Adam Urban has given glimpses for years behind the curtain of the Capital Circus of Budapest with his brilliant photos - now he guides us through behind the scenes of SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW!

The world-famous company of SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW bid their farewell to the Capital Circus with their performance started today at 20:30. SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW was performed for the first time in Hungary! The spectacular show dreamed by clown legend Slava Polunin arrived in Hungary at the invitation of Attila Vidnyánszky, General Director of the National Theatre and Péter Fekete, Minister of State for Culture so that the VI. MITEM Festival would start with this performance.

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