Winners of the XI. International Circus Festival of Budapest

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Winners of the XI. International Circus Festival of Budapest

GOLD: The Gerlings – high wire act (Columbia)

SILVER: Flying Farfans – fliegende (USA)

SILVER: Troupe Skokov – Russian swing act (Russia)

BRONZE: Dias Brothers – icaria (Portugal)

BRONZE: Nicol Nicols – wire act (Spain)

BRONZE: Silver Power – power-lifting act (Hungary)

BRONZE: Trio Power Line – power-lifting act (Hungary)

BRONZE: X-Treme Brothers – handstand (Romania)



Special award of Budapest: Flying Farfans – fliegende (USA)

Special award of Hungarian circus directors: Dias Sisters – ladder act (Portugal) 

Special award of the Press: Heejin – handstand (Mongolia)

Special award of Cirque du Soleil: Duo Pykhov – rope act (Russia)

Special award of Firebird Production: Fratelli Rossi – icaria (Spain)

Special award of the Ukraine National Circus in Kiev: Emil Faltyny – ladder act (Czech Republic)

Special award of International Circus Festival of Italy: Biritz Ákos – strap act (Hungary)

Special award of German Association of Circus Friends: Jeton – juggler (Germany)

Special award of the Union of the Artists: Silver Power – power-lifting act (Hungary)

Special award of European Circus Association: Graeser József professional manager

Eugene Chaplin’s special award: Totti Alexis – clown (Spain)

Valérie Fratellini’s special award: Biritz Ákos – strap act (Hungary)

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