Excellence at the Juvenile and Hungarian Show

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Excellence at the Juvenile and Hungarian Show

Saturday was for the youth and the Hungarians. The Capital Circus’ General Director set up two main goals for the festival, one of the being bringing the most excellent international circus art productions to the audience of Hungary, and with the other one offering the possibility for the next generation to show their talents to the outstanding representatives of circus industry coming from abroad. 

The whole of the show in the manner of puzzle pieces falling into their places, developed into a gradual artistic representation of what the circus is able to offer. Not only had the individual artistes, gymnasts, acrobats, dancers through their acts completed the missing pieces, but also had the frame-like performance at the start and finale of the show, by the Baross Artiste Training School’s students contributed to the overwhelming success of the event. By unfolding their knowledge and skills on the ménage, former and new generation students were monitored, while performing acts of all kinds: rope-, roller skate strap- and strap act, board act combined with a little bit of ball throwing. Also, acts performed up high, from aerial net act to trapeze act, and comedy handstand thrown up to the top of a crooked lamppost, strove to amaze and dazzle the dumbstruck spectators. Outstanding presentations of what circus arts is about, were exhibited on the light-swarm ring, by young Hungarian troupes, such as Duo Claire, net act, Hungarian Devils presenting talents in handvoltish, The OG Juniors and the Cap Crew, showing some amazing jumps on the board through their board act, or the Duo Urban’s dance and strap act combined, and many other literally breath taking performances.

For the future, we raise our hopes high that by their remarkable resistance on the circus podium, these young talents are ready to represent their country on international terrain as well, entertaining new audiences.

Ágota Bereczki

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