Dima's Christmas - Premier: 12 November

Friday, 04 November 2016

Dima's Christmas - Premier: 12 November

The perfect creature, his gaze defines infinite depth itself, mirror of the future, pure, curious, sensitive, receptive to every phenomenon of the world, he is the child. He is little Dimitrij, Dima, who dreams about an astonishing world which is brought to the ring;

he dreams about such a fantasy world where the elephant starts to dance, beautiful white doves are flying high, where wild animals become tame animals, living together in peace and harmony with human beings, where magnificent fairies celebrate the birth of light with a sensational aerial dance. Among featuring different animal shows, fliegende production, acrobatic and juggling performances, rola bola, pole and aerial acts are awaiting the audience of Dima’s Christmas, which is a classic show of the  Fővárosi Nagycirkusz (Capital Circus of Budapest). The multiple festival award-winning Markin family will perform their world-famous perch pole number at the ring as well.



High5 / trampoline act (Hungary)

Alex Mruz / Rola-Bola act (Ukraine)

Eva Szwarcer / pole act (Germany)

Abdikerim Aisulu és Timur Akhtoty / dove act (Kazakhstan)

Acrobat Group of Kazakh State Circus / acrobat act (Kazakhstan)

Havana Flying / fliegende (Cuba)

Duo Arkan / lion act (Romania)

Zsófia Komenda / aerial pole act (Hungary)

Krisztian Zodieru / Elephant act (Hungary)

Emiliano Sanchez Alessi / juggler (Italy)

The Markin family / Perche act (Russia)



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