Monte-Carlo – The world’s most important circus arts meeting point

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Monte-Carlo – The world’s most important circus arts meeting point

Annually, at the end of January the most renowned circus directors, acrobats, popular artists, stars and fans of the circus arts from 5 continents arrive at Monaco at the invitation of H.S.H. Princess Stephanie of Monaco. During this one week event among the competition of artists, symposiums, galas, receptions and exhibitions will take place.

Among several symposiums the annual meeting of the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque (World Circus Federation) and the European Circus Association (ECA) will also be held in here under the supervision of Mr. Urs Pilz, who is the Artistic Director of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, the Artistic Advisor and “Ambassador” of the Circus Krone in Munich.

Hungarian success at the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo 2017 

Mr. Urs Pilz president and Helmuth Grosscurth director of the ECA announced that the general director of the Capital Circus of Budapest has been asked to join the ECA’s Board of Directors based on his professional achievement. Being the ministerial director responsible for the renewal of circus arts Mr. Fekete is making preparations for the construction of the Central European Circus Arts Centre. The annual congress of the ECA has unanimously accepted the nomination and agreed to make Mr. Fekete a Board member.

 – They pay attention to us, the circus profession recognises our innovative efforts – said Mr. Fekete in Monte-Carlo after becoming an ECA Board member, who also gave a plenary lecture on “the social message that classical circus carries – the possible ways to regenerate the circus arts” at the ECA symposium. - In the last three days this is the sixth time that I’ve been asked to give a presentation at a symposium. The attention paid to and acknowledgement of the Hungarian circus arts is nothing new; my predecessors, my fellow Hungarian esteemed artists have been paving the way for the achievement of renown and acknowledgement with exceptional, insistent professional work and word-famous circus shows, with creative, cooperative approach. What elicits recognition right now is our faith in looking for new ways, regenerating the genre, and our determination. As far as performing arts are concerned there are only few countries where circus arts are taken as seriously as opera, theatre, and ballet. There are few places in the world where a decision has been made about building a new empirical, professional centre, where they also feel strongly responsible beyond the borders for innovation, development, and for the preservation of traditions. It is an honour to have gained international attention but it is an obligation as well; being located in the centre of Europe we should set an example of demonstrating how to head in the direction of innovation by paying attention to each other and preserving the traditional values of the circus arts. Otherwise, this centuries-old, exquisite, very demanding art form, the world of miracles that is the circus will cease activity, perish, and vanish.

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