Circus Art in the Hungarian premiere of Dumbo

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Circus Art in the Hungarian premiere of Dumbo

Yesterday, on the 26th of March, at 18:00 the Hungarian premiere of Tim Burton’s Dumbo was held in the Arena Plaza, in Budapest, in which Réka Szabó and Klaudia Tóth who played dancers in the circus scenes of the movie also attended. They will perform in our FlyingCircus show premiering on the 20th of April, of which dance acts will be choreographed by Réka.

Réka and Klaudia was cast by the multiple festival-award winner and Guinness Record holder Kristian Kristof, who choreographed the circus scenes of Dumbo, and he will direct our FlyingCircus show as well. Krisztián Kristóf has already seen the finished production – in which he appears for one scene – on the premiere held on the 21st of March, in London.

“It is so incredible to see the fruits of your work after one and half year” said Réka Szabó. “I was lucky to see the finished film in Sunday in a screening held for the staff in London in English with those people with who I worked for one month one and half year ago on this production. I was so happy to see myself on the screen – and it will be great to watch this movie with a Hungarian dub as well.”

“I have not seen the movie yet, but I am extremely curious, what was the result of our work and what will be in the finished production” said Klaudia Tóth. “I got great feedback from the people who saw the movie.”

Besides Réka and Klaudia many real artists appear in the circus scenes of the movie, in order to successfully recreate the whimsical setting on the screen with their performance. Circus art was not created with computer generated effects in the movie, but, like in reality, it was made with passion, hard work and sacrifice – except of course the wild animals, like snakes, monkeys, lions, tigers and elephants, like its big eared title character!

Dumbo will be in Hungarian cinemas from the 28th of March!

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