The dance rehearsals of FlyingCircus has started

Friday, 29 March 2019

The dance rehearsals of FlyingCircus has started

The rehearsal of the ten professional dancers of the Capital Circus of Budapest for the FlyingCircus classic circus show directed by Kristian Kristof and premiering on the 20th of April has started.

The dance choreographer Réka Szabó told us that the show will evoke the glimmer, magnificence and opulent atmosphere of the circuses of old-time America, that is why the dancers, besides the spectacular elements, will dance Charleston, swing and waltz to hits of that period and they will tie the productions together.

Réka Szabó and one of the dancers, Klaudia Tóth already had roles as dancers in Tim Burton’s Dumbo premiering this week in the cinemas, of which circus scenes where choreographed by Krisztián Kristóf. In the FlyingCircus show inspired by the movie there will be a circus scene similar to that of the movie in which the dancers appear on a podium, while three artists perform a pyramid production. The show starts with a spectacular parade and ends with a luxurious finale. Réka Szabó emphasized that they smuggle the atmosphere of the movie to the FlyingCircus show. The rehearsal will last for four weeks before the main rehearsal week so that those viewers who liked the movie Dumbo will have the chance to experience the magical world of the classic circus of similar visual elements in live.

Zsuzsanna Szekáry

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