Classic circus wonder – FlyingCircus amazed the audience!

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Classic circus wonder – FlyingCircus amazed the audience!

FlyingCircus directed by the internationally famous, multiple festival award winner, Hortobágyi Károly Award and Guinness Record-holder Hungarian artist, Krisztián Kristóf debuted with thunderous applause and all tickets sold! The show evoked the magical and grandiose world of the circuses that existed one hundred years ago and astonished adult and child alike!

World-famous clown Fumagalli performed for the first time in Hungary who started the show with a conductor burlesque with his brother Daris, and they also performed three other production – Gyuszi Maka, conferencier of the Capital Circus also joined them to their Little bee act. The Trio Dandy troupe aimed high with their Russian bar act that evoked the zest and sophistication of the Roaring Twenties. Daniel Golla’s sensational showpilot act flouted aerodynamics and gravity which took the audience high to the sky. Jana Posna dog trainer has already performed in many places with her four-legged colleagues, now they made the circus floor of the Capital Circus their home.

The acrobats of the Mongolian Circus Production amazed the audience first with a rope skipping act, then with a multi-award-winner hand voltage on balls. Lena Dolinskaya evoked the wonder of the old circuses with an elegant chandelier act. The dancers of the Capital Circus joined to the end of gracefully powerful pyramid production of the Trio Arabey, creating a mesmerising circus cake.

Youthful mirth and casual, light-hearted smile met the magical atmosphere of circus, Oleg Spigin performed wonderful acts in the air with his Washington-trapeze act, and Anastasia Trushina performed an aristocratic handstand act with an umbrella while Anita Gábor, nightingale of the Capital Circus sang. In order to evoke the atmosphere of the old-time circuses, we did not use the LED wall, and the circus band played on the two sides of the run of the circus floor.

Today was also special because Tibor “Szandi” Eötvös, president of the Union of Hungarian Artists and Circus Workers celebrated his seventieth birthday this day – he was given flowers by Péter Fekete, Minister of Secretary for Culture before the break. At the end of the show it was Péter Fekete as well who gave flower to Krisztián Kristóf, congratulating for the show, and Réka Szabó, the dance choreographer of the show was given flowers by Gyuszi Maka.

Krisztián Kristóf worked as a circus professional adviser and choreographer in Tim Burton’s Dumbo that is already in the cinemas, and he directed the circus scenes as well. He used his experience and the grandiose golden age of circuses visualized here as an inspiration for the show!

We are looking forward everyone to visit our FlyingCircus show that will surely take You back to the careless childhood. Come and experience that genial laugh can make wonders!

FlyingCircus will be in the Capital Circus until the 8th of September!

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