“I work with really professional artists” – Lena Dolinskaya interview

Monday, 08 July 2019

“I work with really professional artists” – Lena Dolinskaya interview

Ukrainian artist Lena Dolinskaya performs an enchanting aerial chandelier act in our FlyingCircus show. Now we talked with her about her studies, her plans and how did she get into contact with the FlyingCircus show?

When have you decided to work as an artist? What was the reason you have chosen this profession?

I wanted to work as an artist since I was a child. When I went to watch circus shows with my grandmother, I really liked the aerialists. After that I went to the circus school for children in my hometown. When my trainers felt that I was quite prepared I performed at the Circus Festival in Ukraine. Only after that I started my studies in the Kiev Academy of Variety and Circus Arts.

You have recently finished your studies at the Kiev Academy of Variety and Circus Arts. Could you tell us more about your studies?

It was a completely different experience, because we have more time to practice everyday for hours and after then we learnt how to act in the stage, how to our make-up. It was quite interesting, it was not that rigorous, it felt like if we studied for our hobbies.

How did you get into contact with our FlyingCircus show?

Through the director of the show, Kristian Kristof. He saw my final exam performance – it was a spiderweb production –, and after that he asked me to perform the aerial chandelier act that you can see in FlyingCircus. He like my performance more than my final exam production. :)

What attracted you in the FlyingCircus show?

I like everyone who works in this show – they are all friendly. I work with really professional artists as well. It is also a great experience to perform in another country. It is a pleasure to work in such a beautiful city like Budapest. I have already visited Hungary with my boyfriend before as tourists, but of course, it was a completely different experience. My boyfriend performs in Recirquel’s My Land. That is how I actually came to know Kristian.

What are your plans? Do you have a childhood dream that you wish to accomplish during your career?

I would like to create something special that people will remember. Express yourself, your feelings through art. Visit many countries with my performance. And of course, every artist dream about winning an Award in a good festival. I hope that one day I will also deserve this honor.

Daniel Pusztai

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