Three friends working together – Trio Dandy interview

Friday, 26 July 2019

Three friends working together – Trio Dandy interview

The Trio Dandy performed their Russian bar act for the first time on the Moscow International Youth Festival in 2018, and they immediately won the Golden Elephant Award and the special prize of the European Circus Association. They perform the same act in our FlyingCircus show. Now we talked with member Johnny Gasser about the creation of the act, their first performance of this act and how did they choose the style for this production.

You have been performing together with your Russian bar act for one year. Could you tell us more about your formation and the time you have spent together?

Exactly. We finished creating this act by the end of September last year. I have been working with Yury together for twenty-eight years, and we worked together in this act for almost two and half years – we were in Moscow for one year five months to practice this production, to make the best out of it. We have also already performed here in the Capital Circus of Budapest during the Budapest Circus Festival in 2008 – we performed The White Crow Russian bar act with Carole Demers, our then partner.

However, for this show, we have a new partner, Kirill, whom we have found after we sought for a new companion. At first, he did not really want to go back to the world of circus, but there was a great chemistry between the three of us. We knew, that together we could make a high quality production. We are training hard to achieve that.

You evoke the spirit of the roaring twenties. Why did you choose this period?

The dandy-style covers a larger time-period actually, the twenties and the thirties. The whole style was created by the director Alexandre Grimailo, a Russian guy from Moscow who directed all my acts before. He had the idea of this classic style and put it together. He actually offered us different styles, and that was the one we liked the most. Finding the common ground regarding the style was not easy, because we come from different generations – Yury is sixty-four years old, I am thirty-eight, and Kirill is thirty. So, we had to find a style that fits all of us regardless of the age. Because of this we created an act with the vibe of three friends working together which also features some jokes – it is not a comic act, but there are small funny parts.

You have won the Golden Elephant Award on the Moscow International Youth Festival in 2018 and the special prize of the European Circus Association. Could you tell us more about this performance?

This was really special for us, because it was the first time we showed this act. We have never performed this production before, it premiered on this festival. This was also the first time we performed in our costumes. It was the first time regarding everything, and therefore we did not really know, how the audience would react. So, we felt a lot of adrenalin, because besides Yury Nikulin, no one had seen it before, not even the people among the jury. We did not even put any part of our practice in social media, we practiced it in secrecy. Our audience reacted it really well, everybody stood up and applauded – it is not that common that everybody would do that – and the directors also really liked it. So, it was really successful.

You hold the world record with your Russian bar act. Could you tell us more about this?

It is our technique. We never made the record official, but it is the way we can perform this production. For example, in the festival we made four different triples, and no one else does this at all – even in the world of circus. Others have one jumper, who can make two different triples, and maybe another, who can make one kind of triple. We have a guy who can make four different triples. Here we make two kinds of triples – we make the four different triples in festivals, because it is highly stressful to the body.

How did you get into contact with our FlyingCircus show?

I know Kristian Kristof for a long time, he already knew my parents, because I come from a circus family, I am the fifth generation. So my father has the Starlight Circus in Switzerland, my uncle has another circus there, two uncles have circuses in Australia. Kristian saw our performance, and he called our director that he wishes to direct a show in Hungary, and I was quite interested. I have been already here in Budapest, but not for such a long time. It is very nice to be here, Budapest is really beautiful, the audience is really nice, all the people who work here are very nice. We also like the size of the circus floor, I personally like it more if it is not that big, because then you are closer to the audience. You can see their reaction better and therefore perform better

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