A dream comes true

Monday, 05 August 2019

A dream comes true

Success. I am still savouring the feeling, but we were successful: after four years hard work the National Circus Arts Centre is being built on the most valuable site of Hungary, next to the Nyugati Railway Terminal! When I learnt this news, I screamed with happiness for the great confusion of my better half.

“Why do you have to move, why you cannot stay where you are?” – he asked. I explained to him, that while the City Park is indeed beautiful, and the visitors and artists do have a lot of fond memories of this place, but the area of the Capital Circus of Budapest is small, while the Nyugati Railway Terminal is in a frequented place thanks to the public transports arriving from all point of the city and to the train station. Furthermore, the building that opened in 1971 needs constant maintenance and it is out-dated technically as well. It does not feature currently lowerable or a diverse array of circus floor or rehearsal and warm-up circus stage either.

Since the Capital Circus of Budapest is committed to animal rights and complies to the laws, animals will have bigger place in this new area, since we got an area five times as big as the current one!

In order that the Hungarian circus art would stay in the forefront – which is the achievement of our world-famous artists in the last sixty years – we have to take care of the successors as well, since the Baross Imre Institute of Artist Education that will be seventy years old next year is not worthy of the successes of the students as well, and the tool park and the building itself is in need of renovation and modernization. “I see, so the school will be next to the circus?” Yes, in a building complying to the modern norms, which will feature the circus museum as well, since the document and artefact collection also grows nicely. Because the Hungarian circus art with hundreds of years of tradition is a cultural heritage equal to the other fields of art which we have to cultivate and show to the audience, while we also have to teach the different age groups with the tools of circus and museum pedagogy. Besides that, we can hold international and civil conferences and debates there, for which we do not have appropriate place yet.

So, such a new circus complex is being created in the heart of Europe that could be the proper infrastructural background of the now-renewing circus art and can protect the circus art tradition in a worthy way. It is a place, where tradition and innovation meet. It is the world class level cradle of classic circus and the experimenting art plays. It is a place for the community, where from the education and rehearsal halls – through the scientific workshops – to the many performing spaces all of the representatives of the circus profession can co-exist: creators, audience, researchers and artists.

A new age has dawned on us, but until the National Circus Arts Centre is finished, we will not left without shows, since the Capital Circus will imperturbably operate in its old place, the City Park.

Do you see, why I am so happy?

Zsuzsanna Szekáry

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