Cheerful school start in the Capital Circus of Budapest

Thursday, 05 September 2019

Cheerful school start in the Capital Circus of Budapest

The circus floor of the Capital Circus of Budapest was full of exuberant children today at 11:00! The auditorium was full of first grade students in our morning FlyingCircus show, who only got acquainted with the world of circus this week. We have held our School starters in Wonderland programme for the second time.

We have launched this program at the beginning of the 2018/2019 school year using the example of Izhevsk, Russia as a basis in order to help the formation of class communities with a common experience. Starting school is one of the most important steps in our life, the moment, when suddenly new faces surrounds us, and we meet new expectations as a child. We wish to make this change easier, more pleasant with entertaining the school starting students on the first week of September.

We have brought back the atmosphere of the carefree summer for two flighty hours in our FlyingCircus show, where they could see brilliant aerial stunts, they laughed at the bumbling clowns, enthusiastic dogs overran the circus floor, Mongolian acrobats evoke fairy tale worlds, bittersweet handstand production chased away the rainy mood, an aerial chandelier act lifted them aloft, but the Russian bar act was also outstandingly successful and the Washington Trapeze act met a joyous applause. The children awed during the juggling production at and marvelled at the pyramid act.

We will entertain the students who started their first grades in one of the states school of Budapest tomorrow as well, and we wish the best luck and many pleasant experiences to them!


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