A new world-class production was born in the Capital Circus of Budapest

Friday, 06 September 2019

A new world-class production was born in the Capital Circus of Budapest

The Capital Circus of Budapest. A place where wonders and extraordinary accomplishments are born. A place where the boundaries are pushed and the impossible is born. A place where tenacity, professional humility, trust and the hard teamwork bear their fruits. This has happened with the artists of the Mongol Circus Production who performed their production in our FlyingCircus that is on show until the 8th of September – not for the first and certainly not for the last time.

The artists are famous for their maximalism and pushing their boundaries, their dissatisfaction with mediocrity, that they wish to be the best and wish to give the biggest experience to their audience in those few minutes while they perform. But how many years of hard work precedes that few-minute-long production? How much pain and sweat costs one working hour? No one is born as an artist but becomes one. Hardening herself with strength and willpower she tortures herself and risks her life so that her production would receive wild applause and the audience would forget their everyday problems for a short time.

The artists of the Mongol Circus Production are not satisfied with mediocrity as well, even if they have surpassed it for a long time ago. The proof for that is not only the wild applause in the Capital Circus of Budapest that they earn day by day, but the Golden Elephant Award of the Elefant d'Or International Circus Festival of Girona 2019 and the Silver Award of the 8th International Circus Festival of Bayeux as well. But they knew, believed and wanted to prove that they could achieve even more, and that is why they improved their already complex hand voltige on ball production that has Hungarian roots – more precisely it was performed first by the Sallai Troupe.

The Capital Circus of Budapest, the one and only stone circus of Central Europe that operates all year provided constant help for the artists with professional advices and frequent opportunity for rehearsal. It made its competent staff available who provided all the needed technical possibility for the undisturbed and fruitful rehearsals so that a unique production that the world has never seen could be born: three artists stand on each other shoulders on a moving ball, while their fourth partner jumps onto the top of them with a somersault.

We wish to congratulate to the artists of the Mongol Circus Company on the behalf of the staff of the Capital Circus of Budapest and wish successful and fruitful career in the future as well, and it was great pleasure for us that we could contribute to their improvement.

Zsuzsanna Szekáry

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