In 2013 Night of Circuses was created after the initiation of Capital Circus of Budapest and three privately owned circus – Hungarian National Circus, Horse Evolution Show and Eötvös Circus – and since then it was held every year and every prominent circus joined to this event. On the 14th of July 2018, from 21:35, Capital Circus will have a special show created for this occasion, that is based on the Atlantic Flight – Fountain Circus Show. Anybody can attend on this extra show who purchased a ticket for any of the shows held in that day. So, for the price of one ticket you get two shows and double circus experience!

Our Atlantic Flight – Fountain Circus Show premiered on the 7th of April. This show not only features juggle, aerial rope, quick change and sealion act, but the Chinese pole act of the Duo Funcoholics. Now we have made an interview with husband and wife team Konstantin Gvozdetskiy and Victoria Bilyauer.

On the 14th of July, Saturday, on the Night of Circuses we will have an extra show for those visitors who buy a ticket for either of Atlantic Flight – Fountain Circus Show programmes held that day. The one and half hour long extra show is held after the evening show, starting at 21:35, and it will be the continuation of the Atlantic Flight – Fountain Circus Show, so it will be about travelling. Young artists – who graduated this year or recently in the Baross Imre Institute of Artist Education – will also perform in this extra show.

Dosov Troupe interview

Monday, 11 June 2018

Our Atlantic Flight – Fountain Circus Show premiered on the 7th of April. This show not only features juggle, aerial rope, quick change and sealion act, but the teeterboard act of the Dosov Troupe as well. Now we have made an interview with Elena Dosov who represented the Dosov Troupe.

Inner journey – Looking out

Saturday, 09 June 2018

On Friday our circus play Looking out premiered in the MACIVA Circus Art Studio, which was made as a collaboration between Samuel Tétreault, director of the world-famous Canadian 7 Fingers modern circus formation and the three year and four year student and alumni of the Baross Imre Institute of Artist Education. We wish to thank the work of the director Samuel Tétreault, costume designer Camille Thibault-Bédard and all of the participants! The play will be on show on the Sziget Festival!

On the 7th of June, Thursday, the first day of the Pécs National Theatre Festival (POSZT) the Magyar Teátrumi Társaság held its 4th Theatre Marketing Conference titled Színházat vegyenek! (Buy a theatre!), in which they gave awards in seven categories.

The V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting will start on the 29th of June, Friday, at 19:00 with the Central European Circus Art Cavalcade opening show directed by Péter Fekete, state secretary for culture of Ministry of Human Capacities. The show will feature Serebrennikov Iurii (juggling act), Dosov Troupe (powerlifting trio), Bakalkina Mariia (handstand), Silver Power (powerlifting duo) and the artists of V4.

Péter Fekete, state secretary for culture of Ministry of Human Capacities met with Hungarian students from abroad in the Circus Art Studio which is a pivotal place of Hungarian circus life.

Teachers’ day

Sunday, 03 June 2018

This year we hold Teachers’ day on the 3rd of June, which we celebrate in Hungary on the first Sunday of June. This special day was held in 1952 for the first time, and on this occasion certificates and later other awards have been handed for Hungary’s best teachers.

During these weeks, world leading circus professionals and directors arrived at Budapest one by one to see Capital Circus’ phenomenal Fountain Circus Show, Atlantic Flight.

János Áder President of Hungary appointed the secretaries of state of Viktor Orbán’s fourth cabinet on Tuesday in the Hungarian Parliament. The secretaries of state also took their official oath.

We celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on the 21st of May since 2002. In 2001, the UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation proposed to the member states and civil organizations that on this day we should celebrate the values of cultural diversity with the involvement and the contribution of the more participants!

Europe-day and circus art

Wednesday, 09 May 2018

Since 1985 we celebrate Europe-day on the 9th of May commemorating the Schuman declaration of 9th of May 1950. The declaration of Robert Schuman French foreign affairs minister proposed the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, which paved the way for European Union.

Other countries are also interested in the equal opportunity program of Capital Circus created by Péter Fekete ministerial commissioner, General Director of Capital Circus, which tries to eradicate those obstacles that prevents visually impaired people to fully enjoy circus shows.

Today at 15:00, before the Atlantic Flight – Fountain Show Mariann Gy. Dobos representing Central-Hungarian Regional Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People (VGYKE) gave five presentation copies from her book Közösséget építünk (We Build a Community) to Péter Fekete Ministerial Commissioner, General Director of Capital Circus, after the book was presented in front of the audience!

Today at 15:00 in Capital Circus the representatives of Central-Hungarian Regional Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People (VGYKE) will hold the presentation of the “Közösséget építünk” (We Build a Community) book.

Our Atlantic Flight – Fountain Show will be featured in Capital Circus all through the long weekend – from the 28th of April to the 1st of May! We invite the audience to a fantastic journey in our new show, through which we visit the many domains of Imagination with our courageous captain and spirited stewardesses!

European Circus Day was created by Fédération Mondiale du Cirque in 2007, which soon became so popular that from 2010 it is celebrated as World Circus Day all over the world on the third Saturday of April in every year, commemorating the genre of the colourful circus art. Capital Circus celebrated this occasion with diverse programs before each show of Atlantic Flight – Fountain Show.

We celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd of April, and on this occasion, they hold different events all over the world to call attention to protect the natural environment of Earth. Earth Day was first held in 1970, today it is celebrated in 193 countries coordinated globally by Earth Day Network. Capital Circus also takes part in this event.

Since 2007 we celebrate the wondrous world of circus on every third Saturday of April. While it was originally called European Circus Day until 2010, it was also deemed popular and soon spread over the wide world, so today we call it World Circus Day. This day is the biggest international festival of circus communities in the world, a special occasion to celebrate together this unique type of performing art, the art of wonder.

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