The Jury Revealed

Friday, 08 January 2016

The first day of the Circus Festival involved the first press conference as well, held by Peter Fekete, CEO. This festival, according to the General Director, is destined to connect generations, which is also the main theme of the event; it is a meeting point of young talents and old professionals, it is a place of future opportunities for the artists and present manifestation for the art itself.

Ready, Set, Circus!

Thursday, 07 January 2016

The ever-colourful canvas of the circus ring and all its inhabitants got a new kind of radiation about them these days, for non-other reason than that of the International Circus Festival populating the grounds of this vibrant community.

As the fifth child of Oona and the worldwide-acclaimed figure of the silent era’s film industry, Charles Chaplin, Eugene Chaplin accepted the invitation to be the head of the jury during the International Circus Festival in Budapest, between the 7th and 11th of January.

Exhibition: Tihany 100

Wednesday, 06 January 2016

There are artists who provide example for all of us. Ferenc Czeisler, alias Tihany, the forefather of the world of acrobats was born in 1916 in Hungary. His unique career started at the age of 13 when he left for Uruguay to try his fortune.

How can the prestige of the circus be increased in the society? How can modern technology be used during the performances? These two forward-looking and exciting issues will be discussed by the professional conference of the European Circus Association in the private room of Szechenyi Spa Baths during the morning hours of 11th January.

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