On the 18th of November 2017, Saturday, the closing day of the VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, “Russian State Circus Company” (“ROSGOSCIRK”) and Capital Circus signed a cooperation agreement with a ceremony. The agreement signed by Dmitry Ivanov, director general of ROSGOSCIRK and Peter Fekete, director of the Capital Circus.

Stirring international life in the cultural forum of the European circus art!

The VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum was opened on the 16th of November. It is one of the biggest cultural and universal art conference, visited by circus directors and artists from seventeen countries.

Dear circus fans! Our circus show, the Magic Bubbles – for Christmas in the Circus directed by Tünde Vincze is highly popular among our visitors! Because of this, all tickets are sold for the following days:

New ways to reform circus art

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Circus pedagogy – using circus art for public education purposes

In connection to the 12th Budapest International Circus Festival organized by the European Circus Association (ECA) a scientific conference will be held on the 10th of January next year with the participation of many countries. The main topic will be about the exploration of the possibilities of circus art for public service.

Artist Interview: Las Bellas Chicas

Thursday, 16 November 2017

We had the premier of the Magic Bubbles for Christmas show at the 4th of November. For this occasion, we made a mini-interview with the Las Bellas Chicas, six Cuban ladies who recalls the mystical atmosphere of the jungles with their ’Chinese’ rod act.

Artist Interview: Duo Supka

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

We had the premier of the Magic Bubbles for Christmas show at the 4th of November. For this occasion, we made a mini-interview with the Duo Supka, a juggler couple, whose production takes the audience to a futuristic world.

We had the premier of the Magic Bubbles for Christmas show at the 4th of November. For this occasion, we made a mini-interview with the Kalashnikov Brothers, who are the fourth generation of their family performing in the ring, have presented their productions for ten years now, and who also perform in our Christmas show. 

The 12th Budapest International Circus Festival will be held between the 8th and the 14th of January, 2018. Now You have the chance to buy Season tickets for the Festival for more than one show! We have the following Festival Season tickets:

The Birth of the Modern Circus

Monday, 13 November 2017

The roots of the modern circus originate back to the 18th century England. This new genre that revitalized entertainment was born here. We consider Philip Astley as the creator of modern circus: he was the first man who combined animal training, acrobatic performances and burlesque into one show, laying the foundation of circus art.

Artist Interview: Gärtner Family

Monday, 13 November 2017

We had the premier of the Magic Bubbles for Christmas show at the 4th of November. The Gärtner Family also perform in our show with Rani, the charming elephant lady, who will surely enchant the audience.

We had the premier of the Magic Bubbles for Christmas show at the 4th of November. The Hametov Family also perform in our show with their act that shows the cohesion of a loving family from the first moment of rising love to the tender care of parents for their child is presented symbolically in the programme of the Hametov family lifted up to the air.

Artist Interview: Rafal Walusz

Thursday, 09 November 2017

We had the premier of the Magic Bubbles for Christmas show at the 4th of November. Rafal Walusz Polish magician also perform in our show with his breathtaking and magical act, which amazes the audience and makes them smile.

Circus artists from ten countries unanimously voted to establish the Central European Circus Art Association on the final day of the Neighbouring Circus show at the Capital Circus of Budapest.

Looking for a show for this  coming  week-end, there is no better place to be than at the Hungarian State Circus, where  the „Neighbouring Circus – Stars of the Central European Circus Ring” performance will be on in the Circus until the end of this coming week-end. The Hungarian State Circus caught the attention of the surrounding nations circus culture, which exerted great influence, and that we can learn from the neighboring countries circus artists here in Budapest This acrobatic show must be experienced at least once in your life and keeping that in mind, and if you would like something that the whole family would enjoy must hurry up to reserve your seat, because  on until this week-end – March, 19. 2017. If you are interested in what the world of the Hungarian circus and circus which are the prominent artists of neighboring countries, it is in the „last hour” to purchase tickets. The circus show is not just an ordinary performance at the circus ring, but rather a night at the Art of Artists.

Annually, at the end of January the most renowned circus directors, acrobats, popular artists, stars and fans of the circus arts from 5 continents arrive at Monaco at the invitation of H.S.H. Princess Stephanie of Monaco. During this one week event among the competition of artists, symposiums, galas, receptions and exhibitions will take place.

The perfect creature, his gaze defines infinite depth itself, mirror of the future, pure, curious, sensitive, receptive to every phenomenon of the world, he is the child. He is little Dimitrij, Dima, who dreams about an astonishing world which is brought to the ring;

Saturday was for the youth and the Hungarians. The Capital Circus’ General Director set up two main goals for the festival, one of the being bringing the most excellent international circus art productions to the audience of Hungary, and with the other one offering the possibility for the next generation to show their talents to the outstanding representatives of circus industry coming from abroad. 

GOLD: The Gerlings – high wire act (Columbia)

SILVER: Flying Farfans – fliegende (USA)

SILVER: Troupe Skokov – Russian swing act (Russia)

BRONZE: Dias Brothers – icaria (Portugal)

BRONZE: Nicol Nicols – wire act (Spain)

BRONZE: Silver Power – power-lifting act (Hungary)

BRONZE: Trio Power Line – power-lifting act (Hungary)

BRONZE: X-Treme Brothers – handstand (Romania)



Special award of Budapest: Flying Farfans – fliegende (USA)

Special award of Hungarian circus directors: Dias Sisters – ladder act (Portugal) 

Special award of the Press: Heejin – handstand (Mongolia)

Special award of Cirque du Soleil: Duo Pykhov – rope act (Russia)

Special award of Firebird Production: Fratelli Rossi – icaria (Spain)

Special award of the Ukraine National Circus in Kiev: Emil Faltyny – ladder act (Czech Republic)

Special award of International Circus Festival of Italy: Biritz Ákos – strap act (Hungary)

Special award of German Association of Circus Friends: Jeton – juggler (Germany)

Special award of the Union of the Artists: Silver Power – power-lifting act (Hungary)

Special award of European Circus Association: Graeser József professional manager

Eugene Chaplin’s special award: Totti Alexis – clown (Spain)

Valérie Fratellini’s special award: Biritz Ákos – strap act (Hungary)

Second Evening of Amazements

Saturday, 09 January 2016

Tiredness does not seem to be an expression known among circus people, at least, that is what became apparent after the night’s shows were over. Crowd, the buttery smell of Popcorn lingering, chit-chatter, background music, suddenly voices get softer, lights condensed on stage, the presenters enter the stage, the artistes are ready to begin.

The Jury in Town

Friday, 08 January 2016

It is the second day of the festival and while the troupes are rehearsing for the evening shows, the jury is roaming the city, sightseeing, absorbing the fresh winter Budapest air and all that it has to offer.

First Day, First Experiences

Friday, 08 January 2016

Last evening, the Grand Circus of Budapest was the host to a high variety of international spectacles, showcasing sixteen performances, with troupes and individual artists from Russia, Mongolia, the USA, Columbia, Ghana, Spain, Germany and Hungary.

The Jury Revealed

Friday, 08 January 2016

The first day of the Circus Festival involved the first press conference as well, held by Peter Fekete, CEO. This festival, according to the General Director, is destined to connect generations, which is also the main theme of the event; it is a meeting point of young talents and old professionals, it is a place of future opportunities for the artists and present manifestation for the art itself.

Ready, Set, Circus!

Thursday, 07 January 2016

The ever-colourful canvas of the circus ring and all its inhabitants got a new kind of radiation about them these days, for non-other reason than that of the International Circus Festival populating the grounds of this vibrant community.

As the fifth child of Oona and the worldwide-acclaimed figure of the silent era’s film industry, Charles Chaplin, Eugene Chaplin accepted the invitation to be the head of the jury during the International Circus Festival in Budapest, between the 7th and 11th of January.

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