Csenge Jerabek and Szilvia Faludi are not unknown for the audience of the Capital Circus of Budapest, since the artists graduated from the Baross Imre Institute of Artist Education have already performed in the Circus Night of 2018 and in the art show of the institute, the Ludas Matyi in the circus show. In our Phoenix – Circus of Fire show they will amaze the audience until the 10th of March, while Szilvia Faludi will enchant the audience with a graceful aerial ring act.

The professionals proving themselves day by day behind the scenes of the circus always work in the background to make the miracles, the catharsis happen which keeps this art form alive. They devote their life to the wonder of circus and performing arts. Their devotion, humility, love of circus and professional skills are exemplary, the limits expand between their hands as the technical background of each artist production comes to existence, and the impossible is born.

Even if the premiere of the summer show of the Capital Circus of Budapest, the 20th of April is far away, we have already started the preparation for the Flying Circus. We took a look into the third rehearsing day of Ukrainian artist Lena Dolinskaya, performer of this classic circus show, while we asked the director of the show, Krisztián Kristóf about the rehearsals and the FlyingCircus.

On the 5th of February 2019 the press conference of the Madách International Theatre Meeting (MITEM) was held in the National Theatre. The VI. MITEM Festival will start in the Capital Circus of Budapest with the SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW. The audience can see twenty-three productions of fourteen countries in four places between the 11th of April and the 5th of May.

The star of artists Benjámin Kassai and Ádám Fehér rises with an incredible speed. The young promising talents of the Hungarian circus art went to the same class in the Baross Imre Institute of Artist Education, where they quickly became friends and at the age of 14, after specialization, alone in the class they started to learn the mysteries of the Chinese pole which they find the most sympathetic. The twenty-one year old gifted artists became famous on the 12th Budapest Circus Festival, where the professional jury gave them Bronze award for their Chinese pole act.

We talked with Hortobágyi Károly Award-winner, multiple foreign magician festival award-winner Dávid Nagy Molnár, who won the second award in the World and European championship and performs in the Phoenix – Circus of Fire show about the mysteries of being a magician and our current innovative show which will be in the circus until the 10th of March.

Slava Polunin

Tuesday, 05 February 2019

Clown, President of the International Academy of Fools, Ambassador of H.C. Andersen in Russia, Official Envoy of the Dolphin Embassy

Slava Polunin: I love the theatre

Tuesday, 05 February 2019

I love the theatre…

that grows out of dreams and fairy-tales,

a theatre that is magically ritual and spectacularly festive,

One day I realised…

Tuesday, 05 February 2019

„…ONE DAY I REALISED that I wanted to create a show that would take us back to our childhood dreams. A show that would help people who have come to the theatre release from the goal of adulthood the little boys and girls they once were…

We talked with Anita Gábor artist about her career, the similarities and differences between theatre and circus art, new challenges and the Phoenix – Circus of Fire innovative show which features her as the main role.

We talked with Junior Prima award winner Ahmed Moussa, choreographer of the newest show of Capital Circus of Budapest about his career, the importance of our culture, the inner fire and the Phoenix – Circus of Fire show.

Our Phoenix – Circus of Fire show chiefly features Hungarian artists. The sole exceptions are the Diaz Brothers, who evoke the rhythm of the South American pampas with a dynamic Gaucho act. We have talked with Ernesto Andres Diaz, eldest of the Diaz Brothers.

We talked with László Simet Jr. – multiple circus festival award winner artist and performer of the Phoenix – Circus of Fire show – about his exciting productions, new and old experiences regarding the Capital Circus of Budapest and the current innovative show.

On the 24th of January 2019 the Information and Communication Committee of Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO held its first, inaugural session in the parlour of the Capital Circus of Budapest.

Steven Pedersen was an always smiling, cheerful man. When he arrived last spring in the Capital Circus of Budapest, the first thing he did was to make sure that Teddy and Scooby, the two Patagonian sealions were alright, they felt themselves home in their new place and got their daily fish-ration. Only after that he went to the office in order to sign his contract and get information from his tasks.

On the 17th of January 2019 Gervai Imréné artist officially handed over a gigantic, invaluable circus art collection for the museum of the Capital Circus of Budapest. The Gervai heritage is an unrivalled material in a perspective of both circus art and contemporary history.

Today, on the 19th of January, Saturday at 19:00 the new show of Capital Circus, Phoenix – Circus of Fire directed by the world-famous, multiple festival award and Hortobágyi Károly Award winner Rippel Brothers premiered with thunderous applause and all tickets sold! After the ice and water, the thematic core of our show is another element which this time is fire that can protect, shape and destroy as well! Fire raised us from the other animals and gave us physical and emotional warmth during the human history, feeding science and arts at the same time! Our new show commemorates this element with a breath-taking production!

Today on the 19th of January, Saturday, at 19:00 the Phoenix will rise in the circus floor in the premiere of Phoenix – Circus of Fire directed by the Rippel Brothers! Our show will present the thousand faces of the elemental power of fire in the productions of the mostly Hungarian artists!

All week we prepared with great verve and devotion to our Phoenix – Circus of Fire show premiering tomorrow with our costumed rehearsals! The Phoenix prepared for her flight, the Fire Wizard practiced summoning the flames with his bumbling assistant, while all the artists performing in the show premiering tomorrow practiced in the circus floor with full heart and inner fire! Phoenix – Circus of Fire will be on show until the 10th of March in the Capital Circus of Budapest!

We talked with Ferenc Rippel about the Phoenix – Circus of Fire classic circus show directed by the Rippel Brothers – Ferenc Rippel and Viktor Rippel – which will premier on the 19th of January in the Capital Circus of Budapest.

On the 15th of January 2019 a press conference was held in the circus floor of the Capital Circus of Budapest about the Phoenix – Circus of Fire show premiering on the 19th of January 2019. In the event, Péter Fekete, State Secretary of Culture from the Ministry of Human Capacities, László Simet Jr. multiple award winner artist, the world-famous, Guinness Award winner Rippel Brothers – Ferenc Rippel and Viktor Rippel – and Ahmed Moussa, the choreographer of the show all made speeches.

We are happy to announce that artist Betti Graeser Józsefné and József Graeser “Dodi” artist, circus manager of the Capital Circus of Budapest was honoured with Artistic Career Award for their multidecade long, devoted, high quality artist careers and for their committed and exemplary work. Hereby we wish to congratulate to them for this acknowledgement!

Phoenix – Circus of Fire

Tuesday, 01 January 2019

On the first day of new year we also reborn, leave the past behind and start the new year with new plans and renewed strength. Even the world itself sets path for renewal, as the days become longer and longer. This renewal is symbolized by an ancient mythic bird, the Phoenix which, when she senses her impending doom, creates a funeral pyre and burning in the fire becomes a nestling again.

On the 31st of December, at 21:00 Capital Circus of Budapest bid farewell to the year 2018 with a magnificent New Year’s Eves Show! Not only the year did end with this show, but the Sparkling Sprites – Christmas Adventure in the Circus as well, for which almost all tickets were sold through December.

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