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From the 7th of April until the 9th of September


The circus floor awakes from the slumber,

With closing its bright spotlight eye,

The motor buzzes, like distant thunder,

Come away, hear our lullaby.

Who did not imagine when she was a child, that as she closes her eyes, she sits on a plane, and can be anywhere in the blink of an eye, wherever she points her finger on the globe. If You wish to play snowball in the land of seals and Eskimos, you only have to blink. If you wish to prowl with indigenous people in the elephant grass as a high as a grown-up man, it is only as far as a daydream away from your bedroom. And if you would like to climb to a skyscraper, or run atop the Giant Wall of China, or eat a pizza in the shadow of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you can all reach them with the bound of your imagination.

We invite the audience to such a fantastic journey in the new show of Capital Circus. In our new show Atlantic Flight – Circus Fountain show, imagination will know no boundaries and we will ask our audience to take on a voyage with us, with our plain that will travel all through the wide world. With our courageous captain and spunky stewardesses taking the lead the farthest part of the world will be within hand’s reach. They will be not afraid to start the motor and fly higher than the cottony clouds, and drive their wonderful machine bird to anywhere, where fabulous adventures and unforgettable wonders await us!

The crew of Atlantic Flight is just as bold and free as imagination, and our plane is not fuelled by kerosene, but liquid magic, and this enchanted benzene will take us everywhere we wish. There is no such as impossible, only infinity – there are no barriers, since this is the circus, and in the circus our wildest dream will come true!

In our Atlantic Flight – Circus Fountain show we invite everyone to this journey: with the wondrous fountain show and dazzling lightshow we lure our audience to an unforgettable and delightful show with the incredible acts of the audience performing in the everchanging circus floor – you only have to buy a ticket to our flight.

After the great journey we arrive home and we will stroll towards our home that we travelled the world during these three hours, and we will never forget its many wonders – we only have to let our imagination fly to seize day and keep its miracles in our heart!


Syulgina Maria and Pisarev Evgeny

Aerial rope act


Maria Syulgina and her partner, Evgeny Pisarev perform a fascinating trapeze-show providing the magic of a fairy and ethereal love in the air. They are fling not observing the gravitation without safety net to join in an embracement and live together.


Syulgina Maria and Pisarev Evgeny

Quick Change


But Maria and Evgeny can be seen not just in the air, they show us the counterpoint of our existence. The materialistic world and the rushing consumer society can be seen in their quick dressing show when as predicted by the tile Maria disposes her no more necessary pieces of cloths amazingly quickly. She is changing her dresses more than ten times within a wink. It is a virtuosic and fascinating show not just for the ladies.


Duo Funcoholics

Chinese rod act


Konstantin has presented his act with his wife, Victoria, who has been his partner in the duo since 2012, and herself has been present in rings since the age of ten being descendant of an acrobat family. The outstanding act of the duo was inspired by the famous director, Alexander Grimailo and it is based on his choreography. The performance won two Grand Prix-s in Riga and Kazakhstan recently and the Silver Prize of the 12th Budapest Circus Festival in 2018.


Serebrennikov Iurii



Peculiar virtuosity describes the young juggler’s performance in which he brilliantly juggles more than 8 balls at a one square metre area. The artist first appears as a string puppet then the strings will slowly drop and in his newly found freedom a unique talent and accuracy unfold which take his performance to a whole new level.


Laura Urunova

parrot act


Everyone heard of talking parrots and since the discovery of the New World there have been written information on training where Indians removed parrots from their nests and reared them to be a domestic animal. Columbus took some of them and domesticated them in Europe. Since they are a part of circus shows and the army of birds has become a real world sensation.


Steven and Angela Pedersen

Sea lion act


Steven and Angela are third generation animal trainers who have been putting their training skills to work with seals for decades now. Steven’s love for animals comes from his parents’ side, in 1979 the 19 year-old Steven had already visited Budapest when he participated in a seal show together with his mother. He met his wife, Angela, who had been working as a professional dancer at the time, at the United Arab Emirates and has been his partner at the ring during animal shows for 32 years. The duo has been touring around the world they performed in countries like the USA, Germany, Italy, France and in Scandinavian countries as well. They work with two 18-year old South American Sea Lions, Teddy and Scooby each of them weighs 350 kg.



Laura Urunova

dog act


The friendship between humans and dogs looks back on a long history. This loyal connection is utilized and presented by Laura Urunova, one of the members of the Urunov Family and her cute quadrupeds. The dogs prove through more than ten tricks that they are not only sweet but also extremely clever and can learn very easily. This act has had success everywhere all round the world, for instance, it was considered as one of the most amusing shows at the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo in 2015.


Szilárd Vass / Zoltán Horváth

Turist (clown-act)


Szilárd Vass actor, clown doctor tried out many things in his life. He performed in alternative theatres (Atlantis Theatre, Merlin Theatre). He performed in stone theatres (Vígszínház, Pesti Theatre, Weöres Sándor Theatre). For 15 years he was a member of the Red Noses Clowndoctors Foundation, which made a lot of ill child patients smile. After that he formed his own team of clown doctors, creating the Dr. Bohóc Mosolyszolgálat (Dr. Clown Smile Service) as part of The Evangelic Charity Foundation of Szombathely.

Now, facing with new challenges, he conquers the world of circus. He will make use of his experience when he plays the timid tourist, the clown character of the Atlantic Flight fountain circus show.

Zoltán Horváth arrived from the world of theatre to the circus milieu. 10 years ago, he graduated the Hungarian Theatre Academy of Pest, then he worked as an actor in the Bárka Theatre, Kolibri Theatre and the Petőfi Sándor Theatre of Veszprém. He created with his peers the Pankrátorok (Wrestlers) pantomime company especially in the name of science, with which they held many shows. The clown training started in 2017 in the Institute of Artist Education, he attends currently in the first clown class.


Kudzina Kristina

Hula hoop act

The first hula hoop championship was organised in America with 2000 participants in 1968. 12 years later 2 million contestant entered the competition. The hula hoop fever emerged in Western-Europe in 1983, hoop acts started to appear more and more at circus rings, which by the look of this mystical, fascinating presentation in the embrace of water does not surprise us at all.


Axt Elizabeth and Bakalkina Mariia


Elizabeth Axt, member of the famous artiste family, has been performing in the air since she was 13 years old. From Australia till Mexico, across Europe, the audience was dazzled in numerous countries by her exceptional talent and artistically beautiful performances. With her unique trapeze act in the world she was granted a Special Award at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival in 2007 and in 2017 she won the Grand Prix Award and two Special Awards at the 18th International Circus Art Festival in Warsaw. A unique and unrepeatable act is brought to the ring which is performed both on the ground and in the air by her and her Russian partner, furthermore their handstand and aerial silk tissue performance is only featured in this production.


Aleksandr Polunchukov, Vitalii Lazarev, Mikhail Shein

trampoline act

The trampoline performance of these three excellent young artists reflects their power, their dynamism and amazing skill. They dive into the abyss with astonishing rhythm and bravery, in order to rise to the surface of the waterfall’s waving foam, slaloming in the air during their giddy free falls with surprising easiness, with exemplary humbleness and perseverance.


Dosov Troupe

Powerlifting act
Teeterboard act

Dmitrij Dosov established his spring-board team in year 2002 under the aegis of the Rosgoscirk of Moscow. They debuted with their new show in the Yekaterinburg State Circus in 2003, with which show they won two golden prizes in the very same year and then again one at the Budapest International Circus Festival in 2004. They presented their performance all over Russia, in Switzerland, in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands and in Germany. A Silver Clown Prize was awarded to them at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo in 2007. Their current performance includes their enthralling power lifting show as well.


Dancing team

Aerial German wheel act

The three members of the dancing team present an extraordinarily spectacular performance in the water and in the air. The stage of their performance is an air-wheel-like structure, and they advertise with the aid of eye-catching formations the wonder of the art of circuses and the mystical power of water. Meanwhile, the water jets of the fountain surrounding them arise to heights or they encircle the three girls, who through their energetic dance become one with eternal life.

Each member of the ballet has been active for many years, that's why they have big routine to perform fascinating acts to support the basic story.


We welcome you and your family in the Capital Circus of Budapest.

The show lasts for 2 hours 30 minutes.

We reserve the right to change our program.

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