Our Show

Our show for October – which we made mainly for elementary and high school students – features one definitive work from Hungarian, and one from world literature. Mihály Fazekas’s Ludas Matyi and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will come alive in the circus floor of Capital Circus with the help of the means of circus art, and we also plan to hold special interactive presentations for the students in connection to the shows.

Romeo and Juliet

Love and downfall in a mafia story

2-6 October 2017


In the era where our interpretation of Romeo and Juliet takes place, there is no place for love, only for killing. Instead of reconciliation, there is revenge, instead of silence, there is only howling. Unquestionable love is defeated by the desire of possession, and the main characters of the story will eventually lose their lives in the war between their families. For a fleeting moment, Romeo and Juliet find themselves out of space and time, and meet with infinite love. During their mere five-day story, the get through Heaven and Hell, but the wrath and the fury of the two wealthy mafia families will ultimately take the lives of the two star-crossed lovers. The 70 minutes long show tells Shakespeare’s story put in the milieu of mafia with the means of circus art and physical theatre. The young artists do well magnificently both in the field of theatre and circus art, and through their performance unfold the most well-known love story of drama literature. After each shows we hold a special presentation in literature with the contribution of the most famous Shakespeare-experts, university professors, theatre directors and dramaturgs.


We welcome you and your family in the Capital Circus of Budapest.

We reserve the right to change our program.

The show’s duration is 70 minutes.

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