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Miraculous Winners


The sky is overcast and the roads are slushy. It’s winter, with snow, rain and cold. Even the Sun doesn’t want to peek out from behind the clouds, it rushes back under its soft blanket and lets the calm night come. It is as if even the colours had left with the migratory birds for a warmer, sunnier and more cheerful place. But we won’t let this bring us down. With the Miraculous Lightbender and our dancers, who represent the colours, we will paint the world bright again with joy, laughing, never-before- seen tricks and acts – you can’t find this anywhere else, but in the circus. In the magically lit ring, beams of light will dance, flicker gracefully or form a rainbow. Our spring programme presents the amazing acts of the 13th Budapest Circus Festival and is all about cheerfulness. Don’t let the slushy gloom and the sticky mud of sadness on your boots bring you down, notice the colours, the smiles, the light and the spring.


The Festival + show of the Capital Circus that will last until the 18st of January will be full of wonders and promises everlasting and entertaining experiences for the whole family.


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