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Sparkling Sprites – Christmas Adventure in the Circus

Christmas is the holiday where we celebrate love among our family, friends, loved ones – where we take our time to be with the people who are important to us. It is the holiday of caring and compassion. In our accelerated word we are prone to measure the value of a present in the price we paid in money – the present which we buy and give in haste without really putting our heart into it.

The sparkling sprites, these tiny, mischievous creatures do not like this attitude at all. So they decide to play a trick on the humans, and teach them the real spirit of Christmas once and for all! So they hide the presents, and they will not give it back until they see that during the big search for the presents the humans rediscover the real value of Christmas!

In our Sparkling Sprites - Christmas Adventure in the Circus show we tell a magical tale with the help of the most fascinating circus attractions! Artists from all around the world arrive to this show to astonish the audience with their sensational productions! The show features Chinese swinging rod, high wire, perch, aerial, juggle, drum juggle, badminton, unicycle and teeterboard acts! mastiffs will perform in the circus floor to teach the audience about the peaceful coexistence of humans and animals! All these are accompanied with a hilarious clown act!

All productions teach us an important lesson, from which one cannot only learn the values of Christmas, but also that we shall appreciate each other in our everyday life. Love, balance, trust, caring, compassion – concepts that are not only the part of the show but stay with us long after its over!

Sparkling Sprites - Christmas Adventure in the Circus show is for the whole family, from the children to the parents and grandparents, which will provide an unforgettable experience to everyone regardless of age! See You in our show between the 20th of October and the 31st of December – come together to the circus, since the best part of the experiences is that we can share them with each other!


Konstantin A. Krutyko

Chinese Swing rod act



Wonder and awe radiates throughout the young Ukrainian artist’s act, in which pulsating swings and tense moments of anticipation succeed each other over again, all the to the rhythm of sacral tunes, leading the viewer in a cathartic experience. The complexity and aesthetic fineness of the tricks and moves presented on the stick swinging in the air hints at perfection, reflecting a mood familiar to the celebration of love.


Ádám Krisztián

High wire act



In his energetic, dynamic acts, Krisztián, member of the renowned Hungarian Ádám circus-dynasty, goes all the way on the wire suspended way up high on a unicycle, skipping rope in confidence and balances while sitting- and later standing on a chair placed on the wire; all without trapeze belts or safety nets. He made his debut before tremendous applause in the 2014 “Hungarian Act” of the International Circus Festival; he toured the globe with his act, including Holland, France, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania.


Andrey Averyushkin

Drum juggler / Badminton act / Clown



Andrey’ acts bring humor and joy in the circus ring, showcasing virtuoso-level sense of rhythm and his impeccable juggler- and magician-skills in the company of his wacky assistants. Their situational comedy-based performance acts win over the crowd, destroying diaphragms worldwide.


Tatjana Pelekh

Dog act



Gentle giants – magnificent mastiffs – and sweet tiny dogs cover the stage, presenting the eternal bond and friendship between human and canine in the playful production. Mastiffs are one of the most ancient dog-species: a gentle, attentive, cheerful, brave, intelligent, loyal, protective and social partner of humans. The act of Tatjana and her friends guarantees smiles on all the faces and within hearts.


Hus István and Fehérgyarmati Adrienn

Perche act



As a member of a three-generation circus-dynasty, István learned the art of balancing from his grandparents and his mother. He made his debut on stage at the age of 16 with his sister and later dabbled in air- and board acts as well. After finishing her studies in acrobat school, Adrienn travelled the world with her trapeze act; they began practicing for their joint production in February 2018, which they have first presented for an audience in June.


Troupe Aliev

Teeterboard act



The Russian Tula State Circus Acrobat Group conquers the audience with a bedazzling retro-party in the ring of the Municipal Grand Circus. The vision of art director Aliyev Rafik Zakirovich was put on stage in 2003, garnering accolades worldwide ever since. They have introduced the act in France, Poland, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan as well.


Sergey Nesterov

Tiger act



Nearing Christmas, the wonders proliferate, the lights turn on, the wild ones are tamed and peace is born. The holiday magic and the message of giving shine through the act of the snow-white tigers and their master. The act radiating fine elegance, perfect concentration and playfulness exhibits the artistic humility and attentiveness of the Russian trainer. No request is impossible for these gorgeous tigers; they fulfill their trainer’s every wish for a smile, a treat or for the applause. The act is the perfect harmony of collaboration between man and beast.


Kostiantyn Korostylenko




The young 18 year old artist moves with virtuosic skills and precision on the circus floor; in his lyrical act, he tells the story of Narcissus with the perfect unison of dance- and circus artistry. The production’s inception was in 2015, under the tutelage of art teacher Yuri Pozdnyakov in Myhorod, where Konstiantyn was learning dancing since he was 5 years old. His professional dance- and juggler skills guarantee audience amazement.



Duo Aliev

Aerial act



With impeccable elegance and airy lightness, Elman’s and Elena’s act entitled Antares entices the audience; the act was created in 2018, Minsk, in the Belorussian National Circus based on the vision of Alieva Alla. The breathtaking act exhibits the limitless trust between in the amazing heights.


Artem Averyushkin

Unicycle act



Artem arrives at the floor of the Municipal Grand Circus as a true conjurer of wheels. During the humor-infused production, he proves that be it small or large, one, two- or three, he can conquer every wheel, coming out on top. This artist with an invincible balance on three wheels even peppers his act with balancing cups as well.


Black Lion Banquin Act Group

hand voltige



Fire, momentum and passion describe the dynamic act of the nine-member Ethiopian acrobat group, exhibiting extraordinary teamwork. The group formed four years ago and during the last two years on tour, they have garnered great popularity e.g. in Turkey - where they also performed in the Got Talent Show -, as well as in one of the most significant shopping centers in Dubai.


We welcome you and your family in the Capital Circus of Budapest.

We reserve the right to change our program.

The show is 2 hours 20 minutes long.

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