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MAGIC BUBBLES for Christmas in the Circus

4th November – 31st December 2017


We will fly on magical bubbles to the world of wonders during the Christmas show of the Capital Circus of Budapest held between the 4th November and 31st 2017. We will present a classical Christmas circus show for our dear visitors with Russian and Chinese pole dance, acrobat stunts, straps, diabolo and juggler acts providing a stirring atmosphere. Maik Gärtner Family will also perform with their adorable Indian elephants, Rani, while the group from Minsk will evoke the infinite world of the steppes. The enchanted world of our Christmas show will be full of wonder and magic, the bubbles of the mysterious magician contain amazing moments. But be careful, we will cheat also, you’d better to watch to the tricks of the Polish magician!

This light and weightless production will be directed by Tünde Vincze, founder of the Hungarian Aerial Association, aerialist teacher, tutor of the Baross Imre Artist Training Institute.

The following artists will perform in our show among others:

Agustin Viglione (Argentina) – bubbles

Duo Supka (Czech Republic) – juggler act

Kalashnikov Brothers (Russia) – diabolo

Las Bellas Chicas (Cuba) – ‘Chinese’ pole dance

Dzhigit act (Belorussia)

Ilya Tufyaev (Russia) – Russian pole dance

Ilya Tufyaev (Russia) – hand voltage

Maik Gärtner Family and their elephant (Austria)

Hametov Family (Uzbekistan) – strap

Rafal Walusz (Poland) - magician

Márk Halasi (Hungary) – air- and hullahopp act



Bubble art


Viglione got close to circus in the age of fourteen and started to learn by himself. Years on he completed studies in La Plata and was contracted as an illusionist at 18. He’s become extremely popular in his homeland. The show using giant bubbles has been on his programme since 2010. It’s been invited to several TV shows. The breath-taking act which he has brought to Budapest was presented in Mar del Plata in 2016 followed by an invitation to the art show involving different genres of art titled Innovacirco Tigrou. The avant-garde style dreamlike show combining circus and theatre enchanted its audience with a co-production of circus artists, singers and dancers.



Chinese rod act


The ’Chinese’ rod act of the six Cuban ladies recalls the mystical atmosphere of the jungles. In the unforgettable actions fulfilled with outstanding charm and flexibility appears the passion of a wild, intact world driven by instincts too. After graduating from the Academy of Sports the performers contracted the company Circo Nacional de Cuba, the official circus of Havana. The troupe toured throughout Latin- America, they also entertained the audience in Europe lately. The unique show was a big success in the UK, and gained a prestigious award at the Circus Festival in Cuba.



Czech Republic


The production of the juggler couple takes the audience to a futuristic world: a new creation is being born in the ring within a spectacular machine by the master who handles the balls with an exceptional virtuosity. The members of the duo, Zdenek and Natalie both are descendants of circus artist parents; Zdenek first performed with bouncing balls at the age of fourteen, and Natalie started her career as a tightrope-walker at the age of sixteen. They met in 1999, and has developed a unique style called ’Steampunk’. It combines their craft of juggling with a dramatic composition contributed by Anett Simmen, a German choreographer.



Russian rod act / hand voltige act


The cheerful, twirling, dynamic scene of this Russian troupe takes the audience to the community of gangsters of the 1920s, in which the acrobats jump from rod to rod with a jaunty lightness and turning two, three and four somersaults in the air. Their hand voltige act also give us the impression of an embarrassing ease. The stars of the troupe are Elena Alekseeva and Dmitry Bombyr. The formation started with four members in 1999 then added up four more artist from 2010. Alekseeva is one of the three artists in all over the world who turns four saltos on rods, and Bombyr received numerous gold and silver medals in sport championships. The Troupe Tiufiaev won the main prize at several circus festivals in Massi (2014), Wuqiao International CF in China (2013), Sant-Paul-Les-Dax and Moscow (2012), also silver prize in Monte-Carlo (2013) and Minsk (2017).





The Kalashnikov Brothers, who are the fourth generation of their family performing in the ring, have presented their productions for ten years now. The great-grandfather started his career as an acrobat, then their grandmother worked as a trapeze artist while their grandfather trained beasts. Following the family tradition their mother got famous of her show on roller-skates, and their father thrilled the audience with his production working with bears. The youngsters, the Kalashnikov brothers created a fascinating diabolo act, with which they have been on tour in the half of the world among them Latin America and Great Britain. Their show was acknowledged by a silver medal at the International Circus Festival in Rome (Italy), and it was also awarded in Nikulin (Russia).



trick riding

The troupe riding on horses led by Boris Lazarov brings us the image of endless, broad, open steppe. We can see dynamic, incredible tricks, ways of sitting, standing, and hanging on the back of the animals conducted in a virtuoso performance. The spirit of their show origins in their Belarus traditions, and it was compiled for the State Circus of Minsk in 2003. The members of the troupe are educated as gymnasts, but the world of circus attracted them soon. Tatiana Lazarova is a World Champion of gymnastics for Latvia. Her sons, Sergei and Ruslan started to work in the ring at the age of 6-7. The trick riding show of the family has toured very successful to Japan, Ukraine and the Baltic states among others.



Elephant act


The Gärtner Family is a dynasty going back to four generations spent in circus world, members of which are presenting their shows with 12 elephants parallel on several continents. Maik and his close family is appearing in Budapest for the first time with Rani, the charming elephant lady, who will enchant our audience with its production. Rani is 47 years old and she is living with the Gärtner family for over 40 years and has assisted the shows of three generations already. Maik, the father used to sit at the back of her, like his daughter, Priscilla does now. The family has been involved in TV films and shootings as well. The present production has been shown in all over Europe from Norway to Italy, from Portugal to Austria.



aerial strap act


The cohesion of a loving family from the first moment of rising love to the tender care of parents for their child is presented symbolically in the programme of the Hametov family lifted up to the air. A catching visual composition is choreographed and performed with ease by two, and later three acrobats on the hanging straps in the air. The troupe has been the member of the Uzbek National Circus of Tashkent for 15 years. Their production which is presented in Budapest, was made in 2016.




Watch it, tricks around! No one can give an explanation for the amazing tricks of the Polish illusionist. He works with unrivalled, masters’ skill in an adorable style meanwhile objects are transported from one place to another. Rafał is also a director of shows besides performing and magical acting. After graduating as circus artist he toured worldwide from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, through Germany and France to the Netherlands. His show was highly greeted in Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Israel. He contributed as an Artistic Director to the biggest illusionist show of Poland titled ’Illasionisci’. Walusz was awarded twice and gained the ’Magic Badge’, which is acknowledged an exceptional honour among circus artists.



hoop act


Márk has graduated as a circus artist in Hungary in 2004, and he rehearsed at one of the most famous company of the world, Cirque du Soleil two years later in its centre in Montreal. He has toured with the same company presenting his acts on aerial tissue and net since 2006, he embodies Icarus in the programme Varekai.



aerial act

The Takács sisters, members of the Hungarian Aerial Gymnastics Association graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy and specialized in circus art afterwards, namely trapeze art. They were invited to numerous popular TV shows such as X-Factor where they presented their spectacular aerial act.



break dance

The artists appeared in front of a broad audience in Hungary in the ’Csillag születik’ /RTL licenced talent show/ as members of the ’Possession Crew’ formation. They met great success in the production ’Nutcracker in Rings’ committed by the Ballet Company of Győr (HU), in which the elements of ballet were combined with circus art and completed by spectacular visual effects. The duo went on tour extensively, they were invited for the European Youth Olympic Festival among others last summer.



We welcome you and your family in the Capital Circus of Budapest.

We reserve the right to change our program.

The show lasts for 2 hours 20 minutes.

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