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From the 20th of April until the 8th of September 2019

Capital Circus will take flight in the summer! FlyingCircus in the direction of the world-famous Kristian Kristof!

The internationally famous, multiple festival award winner, Hortobágyi Károly Award and Guinness Record-holder Hungarian artist will direct the summer show of Capital Circus inspired by the movie “Dumbo” with the title: “FlyingCircus”.

The show that will premiere on the 20th of April 2019 will feature the enthralling productions of world-famous and renowned international artists. Many of them will appear in the Disney classic Dumbo which will be in cinema from the 28th of March 2019. In the movie featuring Hollywood stars and directed and reimagined by Tim Burton, Kristian Kristof also appears, and he choreographed and directed the circus scenes.

Quoting Kristian Kristof:

“Circus means the mixture of wonder, miracle and fantasy coming to life for children. In the heart of the adults, it is mostly an old memory about a genial laugh which they can relive during the “FlyingCircus” show. I believe that our art can find the inner child of the adults and can take them back for a few hours to their best memories they have from their carefree childhood that they spent here in the City Park. Genial laugh can make wonders!”

The show is 2 hours long.






Natalino Giovanni Huesca or as the whole world knows him, Fumagalli inherited his nom de plume from his father, Enrico who became famous with this name, he even appeared in the I clowns film of Fellini in 1970. Giovanni performed a tightrope act with his brother, Daris and his brother-in-law, Hans Bruckson, until he was invited by Bernhard Paul to perform in the Roncalli Circus in 1994, where he started to use the pseudonym of his father. His clown act Little bee became a resounding success with which the audience fell in love. He won the Silver Clown Award in the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo of 2001, while in 2015 he won the Golden Clown Award with his brother, Daris. The world class clown visits Hungary and performs in the Capital Circus for the first time, where the Hungarian audience can see his amazing clown acts in our FlyingCircus show!


Daniel Golla

Showpilot Act



Daniel Golla has discovered his passion for flying Model Airplanes at the age of eight. During the two decades that since passed he perfected his showpilot act with Model Airplanes created by himself, which will lift the audience into the air! Neither gravity, nor aerodynamics are obstacles for his bold showpilot acts, during which he makes pirouettes, circles, front- and backflips with his model with centimetres above his audience, just to catch it with his own hand in the end! With clever special effects he gives an unforgettable experience for everyone! Daniel Golla took part in more than two-thousand performances during the last years and he appeared in many television shows in Germany as well! Daniel is the living example how someone can astonish millions with his childhood passion!


Trio Dandy

Russian bar act



The zest and sophistication of the roaring twenties! Johnny Gasser, Yury Kreer and Kirill Ivanov have been performing together their Russian bar act together as members of the group Trio Dandy for a year. For their production, they won the Golden Elephant Award on the Moscow International Youth Festival in 2018, and the special prize of the European Circus Association, and besides that they hold the world record with their Russian bar act! The production directed by Alexander Grimaylo will be featured in our FlyingCircus show, which will not only take us back to the world of circuses a hundred years in the past, but it also encourages all of us to fly high to seize our dreams!


Jana Posna

Dog Act



Jana Posna fell in love with dogs while she attended in the Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg. Besides working as a screenwriter and director for German television channels and international variety shows, Jana Posna is also an animal trainer who appeared in many television and movie production with her four-legged colleagues – such as Tim Burton’s Dumbo. Jana Posna met her husband, circus artist Joschi Posna in 1999. Since then they have performed together with their poodles in the circus floors of Europe. They performed in France, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, the Russian State Circus and the world’s biggest stage, the Friedrichstadt-Palast, in The Wyld show directed by French star designer Thierry Mugler. The poodles are trained with treats and positive. Jana and Joschi Posna living together with their poodles Freya, Dolores, Iduna, Marley, Flavio and Zippo in Berlin.


Anastasia Trushina




Anastasia was born into the world of circus – her parents work as artists as well, they have won the Golden Clown Award for their teeterboard act in the 41st International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo! Like many circus children, Anastasia also tried out other kinds of productions, like aerial straps and horse acts, while as a member of the troupe of Jacob Ekk, they won the Golden Award of the 4th New Generation Festival in Monte-Carlo. Two years later she performed her solo handstand act “Rain” in the 6th New Generation Festival in Monte-Carlo which was given the Silver Award by the international jury. This production will be featured in our FlyingCircus show!


Lena Dolinskaya

Aerial Chandelier



An enchanting surprise in the air! Ukrainian artist Lena Dolinskaya performs an astonishing production on a monumental chandelier featuring hundreds of mirror mosaics which gives a spectacular sight in the magical embrace of the circus floor. Lena graduated from the Kiev Academy of Variety and Circus Arts, she met Krisztián Kristóf after her final exam performance who asked her to perform this production. This captivating, kind, graceful, ethereal production will surely take everyone back to their wondrous childhood!


Trio Arabey

pyramid act



The three magnificently graceful circus acrobats of Trio Arabey perform their pyramid production to the wonderful music of Edvin Marton. The members all performed as acrobatic gymnasts before forming the group. This production was widely successful in England, China, the United States, the Philippines and Russia. The production is characterized by feminine grace and charm, endurance and strength, with the moral that real beauty can be achieved only through cooperation!


Mongol Circus Production

Mystery of Gentleman: Hand Voltige on Balls

Rope Skipping Act



Gentlemanly elegance and charm! The acrobats of the Mongolian Circus Production will fascinate the audience of the FlyingCircus with a magnificent hand voltige act, with which they won the Golden Elephant Award of the Elefant d'Or International Circus Festival of Girona 2019 and the Silver Award of the 8th International Circus Festival of Bayeux! Even if they could lose their foothold anytime, they still hold their partners with sure-hands. The audience of the production will not only be richer with experiencing an excellent production, but they will also gain insight to the unique and enchanting Mongolian culture. They will also perform their dynamic, energetic rope skipping act in our show.


Oleg Spigin

Washington Trapeze



Oleg Spigin started to perform his Rola-Bola act in 1983, at the age of seven. He entered Circus College in Moscow in 1991, in 1993 he started to perform his Washington Trapeze production which is the unique mixture of trapeze and handbalance. Between 1994 and 2007, Oleg Spigin was the state performer of Russian State Circus, from 2008, he became the state performer of the most famous circus in Russia, the Nikulin Circus. In 2002 the Ministry of Culture in Russia awarded him for the long-term work and achievements in the field of Culture and Art. In Collaboration with Chernov Creation art-studio he created his “Legend” Washington Trapeze-production, with which he won the Golden Award of the 7th International Circus Festival “Golden Trick of Kobzov” and the Golden Award of the 2nd Israeli International Circus Festival.


Trio Sárközi

Juggling Trio



The members of the trio – Péter Sárközi, Tamás Sárközi and Patrik Perecsenyi – had started to learn the art of juggling, self-educated, before they graduated from the Baross Imre Institute of Artist Education. They have been working together for six years, previously they had improved their skills working separately. In their performance they mix graceful acrobatic elements with elegant appearance, so during they juggler production youthful mirth and casual, light-hearted smile meets the magical atmosphere of circus!


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