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Carnival of Champions in the Circus


Duo Romance – pole dance (Romania)
Without Socks – Clown trio (Russia)
Andrejs Fjodorvs – Dog and Dove act (Latvia)
Duo Feeling – Aerial bungee strap act (Ukraine)
Without Socks – Clown trio (Russia)
Flórián Richter – Horseback acrobat act (Hungary)


Chinese National Acrobatic Troupe – Umbrella act (China)
Without Socks – Clown trio (Russia)
Yan Sokolovskyy & Maria Ilienko – Bicycle date (Ukraine)
Stanislav Vysotskyi – Juggler (Ukraine)
Duo Solys – Handstand (Cuba)
Without Socks – Clown trio (Russia)
Gallea act – Aerial act (Russia)

Duo Romance

pole dance (Romania)


A love story unfolds in the stunning performance of Duo Romance in which the manifestation of elegance, harmony, sensuality, and playfulness can be observed. Just like in all relationships, trust is one of the keystones of the married couple’s act as they perform their acrobatic duo act up in the air without any lunge belts and safety lines. Alexandru and Adelina met 11 years ago in the Romanian Globus Circus yet they have been working together for merely 6 years. With their duo act the 2 exceptional artists have been captivating the circus audience all over the world ever since.



Without Socks

Clown trio (Russia)


The show of this clown trio is innovative, refreshing and first of all full of humour. While the production keeps the traditions of clowns, this Russian trio impresses with a young breeze. Without Socks won the Bronze medal at the Idol Circus Festival in Moscow, also the Special Prize from Nikulin Circus (2017), it was awarded Silver medal at the 2nd Israeli International Circus Festival (2016) as well as the 'Clown of the Year' (International Master Award, 2016).


Andrejs Fjodorvs

Dog and Dove act (Latvia)


Andrejs treats his doves and dogs as if they were his family, he loves them and they spend all day together playing, practising besides taking care of them. The production proves the harmonious relation between animal and humankind. The birds are trained to obey any instruction, there is no impossible action for them.


Duo Feeling

Aerial bungee strap act (Ukraine)


The family care, tenderness, a couple's respect and trust to each other are expressed in the production of Aleksander and Iryna, which is heated by emotions. The duo uses a special bungee strap for the fascinating act, which enables them to put more force and dynamism into the scene, meanwhile it assists the artist to present their passion driving them during the work.


Richter Flórián

Horseback acrobat act (Hungary


The acrobat, who was awarded by Golden Clown prize at the 32nd Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival, is paying respect to the 250-year anniversary of modern circus art by his breath-taking riding act in the Capital Circus. The audience will see his large scale attraction of trick riding presented with virtuosity together with his son, Kevin Richter, and 22 horses of theirs sprinting in the manège.


Chinese National Acrobatic Troupe

Umbrella act (China)

The show reveals a new dimension of juggling in an image of the pulsing lotus created from bodies referring the roots of the harmonious Chinese culture, and it exceeds the traditional concept of Chinese umbrella acts. The delicate beauty of the Chinese character coruscates from the fine composition of the branch of people juggling with umbrellas looking like petals on stage. The Chinese team will present in the festival the world-famous diabolio group act wich was resented in Europe's many cities.


Yan Sokolovskyy & Maria Ilienko

Bicycle date (Ukraine)

A beautiful girl sit in a park on a bench, a bicyclist had seen her, and decided how he can attract her attention - to surprise her with awesome skills and dangerous tricks on his bicycle 


Stanislav Vysotskyi

Juggler (Ukraine)

You will witness a most unique juggling act from Stanislav in the ring of the Capital Circus of Budapest, in which balls will be directed by several body parts of the artist with amazing virtuosity using less the hands tied. The young juggler started to develop his skills using more his legs, and the present show was created with the assistance of the choreographer, Tatiana Kuznetzova in 2012.


Duo Solys

Handstand (Cuba)

The show of Tatiana and Hector has a dramatic line of a touching love story, which combines the Cuban passion and the elegance of Paris. They formed Duo Solys in 2010, and presented their shows at the most prestigious circuses throughout Europe. They joined to company Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for three years.


Gallea act

Aerial act (Russia)

The Russian group was founded by Vodyanik Nikolay in 1982. This production titled Gallea is a programme composed from catching formations, performed with unbelievable ease. It has been on stages since 1991. The unique technique of the ethereal impression was taught from one generation to the next until Yaroslavna, the daughter of Nikolay took the leadership of the group, which had been awarded numerous times by then. They has been received highly successfully in North Korea, Moscow, Italy and China.




We welcome you and your family in the Capital Circus of Budapest.

The show lasts for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

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